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Inside our restaurant .

                                               PLEASE NOTE!!!

It’s important to us that our visitor’s experience a happy and memorable stay at Native Inn. We want you to enjoy our food and drinks. It’s our aim to serve our hot food and hot drinks at our restaurant. So please if the coffee, tea or food that should be hot is not please either give it back to the waitress and request it to be served hot. Also if you want your coffee or tea strong please advise our staff they will be happy to try to fulfill your requests.If the waitresses are slow to remove your plates and clean the table after you have finished your food please bring it to their attention. If you have comment or complaints you can contact Graham direct on 0917 308 9902.


Native Village Inn


Breakfast (serve from 6:45 am)                                                                        Continental Breakfast:

2 slices of toast bread, butter, 3 slices of imported cheese and marmalade, coffee or tea. P250
2 slices of toasted bread, butter, marmalade, coffee or tea. P160

English Breakfast:

2 fried eggs, bacon, beans, 2 slices of toasted bread, butter marmalade, coffee or tea. P250
Cheese and tomato omelette, hash brown potatoes, bread, butter, marmalade, coffee or tea. P250
Beans with 2 slices of toast bread, coffee or tea. P200
2 eggs with 2 slices of toast bread, coffee or tea.P200
Plain omelette with 2 slices of toast bread,coffee or tea.P200

Filipino Breakfast:

Garlic fried rice with 2 eggs, corned beef, coffee or tea.P200

Side Orders:

Fresh Fruit Platter when in season:mango,banana,papaya,melon,watermelon,orange (choice of four) P200
Hash Brown PotatoesP90
Chipped PotatoesP90
Bacon ( 2 pieces)P75
Baked BeansP45
One slice of toasted bread with butterP45
One EggP30
Marmalade or Jam per portionP25

Lunch and Dinner:(last order for evening meals is 7:00 pm)

Roast Chicken Breast with potatoes or rice with fresh vegetables and gravy. P320
Pork or Chicken Adobo with potatoes or rice.P320
Pork with vegetables in a coconut curry sauce and riceP320
Chicken with vegetables in a coconut curry sauce and rice.P320
Pork Tenderloin Stew with hash brown potatoes and fresh vegetablesP320
Marinated Chicken with fresh vegetables and rice.P260
Pork or Chicken Chopsuey with rice.P250
Spaghetti Bolognese.P260
Vegetables Curry with rice.P250
Fried Fish Bangus or Tilapia with french fries or rice and fresh vegetables. P225
Pancit Canton or Pancit Bihon.P200
Extra Garlic Rice.P 40
Plain Rice.P 30


Sandwiches: (with European bread and imported butter)                                           

Imported Cheese and Tomato.P200
Imported Cheese.P190
Corned Beef.P150
Local ( Eden ) Cheese.P100


Fresh Fruit Shake made from fresh fruits with milk ( 1 glass).P150
Imported Juice per carton: orange,pomelo,or apple ( no sugar ).P200
Imported Juice per glass: orange, pomelo or apple ( no sugar ).P 75
Mango or Pineapple Juice in Can.P 60
Cold drinks in bottle: Coke, Royal, Sprite.P 60
Mineral Water 500 ml.P 25
Calamansi Juice per glass ( hot or cold ).P 60
Instant Coffee.P 40
Tea per cup.P 60
Brewed Coffee.P 70
Pot of Brewed Coffee ( 4 cups ).P150
Pot of Tea ( 4 cups ). P150
San Miguel Beer.P 60
San Miguel Light.P 65
House Wine ( 1 glass ).P100
We also have a selection of wines in bottles.

Our dishes is freshly prepared.
So please place your orders 2 hrs. in advance.

Please strictly ” NO SMOKING ” in the restaurant to respect the health of the other visitors!

PLEASE NOTE ”                                                                                                                          No cooking of food in the cottages, due to the potential of fire hazards.                Thank you for your understanding.

We honour senior citizen’s discount on food and accommodation on presentation of  your Senior Citizen I.D.